Performance Assessment of Wheat Flour Suppliers Based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC)


  • Jakfat Haekal Industrial Engineering, Universitas Mercu buana, Indonesia



Balanced Scorecard, Supplier, Supplier Evaluation


Company X is one of the companies in Indonesia that produces seasoned flour. This seasoned flour product uses the main raw material in the form of wheat flour. Company X has 3 suppliers of wheat flour raw materials used. In the process, there are problems with these suppliers in supplying wheat flour, including delays in the fulfillment of raw materials, the amount of raw materials sent does not match the demand, causing disruption to the production process, so Company Xneeds to evaluate suppliers of wheat flour to choose suppliers who the best that can be used so as not to interfere with the production process. In evaluating the performance of this supplier, the method used is the Balanced Scorecard in determining the criteria for supplier measurement indicators based on a financial perspective, a customer perspective, an internal business process perspective and a learning and growth perspective. This study aims to obtain the best supplier of wheat flour raw materials. Based on the results of the study, it shows that the best wheat flour supplier performance is the UPS supplier with a value of 148.09 meaning the company is satisfied with the UPS supplier performance because it is in the 80-160 value range so that it can be used as the main supplier in supplying wheat flour, then the ACL supplier. which gets a value of 151.37 which means that the company is also satisfied with the performance of the ACL supplier so that it can be used as a backup supplier.


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Jakfat Haekal. (2023). Performance Assessment of Wheat Flour Suppliers Based on Balanced Scorecard (BSC). International Journal of Scientific and Applied Research (IJSAR), EISSN: 2583-0279, 3(2), 24–33.



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