Study of Negotiation as Approach to Improve Principals Managerial Practices in Primary Schools in Ismailia City of Egypt


  • Hanan Hassan Soliman Faculty of Education, Suez Canal University,Ismailia, Egypt



Organizational behaviour, Organizational conflict;, Managerial Practices


The study sought to achieve the main aim: determining how to develop negotiation practices for primary school principals in Ismailia city. The study relied on the descriptive method. The questionnaire tool was applied to determine the level of negotiation practice by primary school principals. And the level of availability of the requirements for successful negotiation in primary schools. The questionnaire was applied to (130) principals of primary schools in Ismailia city. The study found that primary school principals practice negotiation management skills at levels ranging from high to weak; the skills that managers practice at a high level are: As for the requirements necessary to develop the negotiation management skills of school principals, their importance came from their point of view at a high level for all conditions; Except for the condition of "Estimated the value of time," it was of medium importance. A Framework has been Suggested for developing the negotiation management skills of primary school principals. This vision included five main axes: the Ministry of Education, the Professional Academy for Teachers, the College of Education, schools, and schools’ principals


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