Advancements in Collector Designs for Solar Water Heaters


  • Anand Patel LDRP- Institute of Technology & Research Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India



Collector designs, Efficiency enhancement, Innovative design, Performance gap, Renewable energy, Simulation-based optimization, Solar water heater


This study looked at improving collector designs for solar water heaters using interpretivism, descriptive design as well as a deductive method. The experimental arrangement revealed collector performance variations, which were validated by SolidWorks simulations. Evacuated tubes were more efficient, but flat-plate collectors were more dependable. In order to enhance efficiency, contextual design changes and hybrid systems were suggested. However, the study acknowledged limitations in controlled conditions and simulated simplifications. The importance of extensive validation and real-world applicability was emphasized. The study advances renewable energy utilization by emphasizing the necessity of customized design for optimum collector performance. It lays the groundwork for future studies in hybrid systems, context-specific design, and thorough techno-economic analysis.


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Patel, A. (2023). Advancements in Collector Designs for Solar Water Heaters. International Journal of Scientific and Academic Research (IJSAR), EISSN: 2583-0279, 3(11), 1–13.